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For this checkpoint, you should choose one of the theoretical approaches you have read about for analyzing rhetoric in the Foss book. Additionally, you should read at least ONE additional scholarly article about this method of analysis. In an approximately 3 pages paper, you should summarize the theory, highlighting the key theoretical assumptions and explain how you use them as a method of analysis. Your summary should include references to both the course text AND this article. Then you should explain how you are going to use this method to analyze your text. You SHOULD NOT include your actual analysis here. Please see the following sample Ideological Criticism theory/method section to guide your writing.

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HINT: Check the end of your chapter for potential articles.

For your paper, you should:

a) summarize the key components of the theory/method (properly citing all sources), AND

b) discuss how you plan to (or already have) analyzed your text for your final project (you may want to draw on Checkpoint #1 for this part of the assignment).


hello buddy these are the direction to do this paper. the chapter or the method that i will be using is the cluster method and is is part of large homework, so we are building it part by part.

Please use the chapter for the cluster method and the artifact that i used to analyze if the Obama’s 2004 DNC keynote speech.

i am also attaching example that would help you. Please use the same format. and i am attaching the article that you will need to use with the book as a resources for this paper .

Please Use both the article and the book in this paper as resources.

if you have any question, let me know

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