Child Development Lesson 10

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There is 2 parts. A discussion and an Assignment…

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Identify family challenges and
outline support strategies.

Think about the family types that
you described in the first part of your post and respond to the following

  • What specific challenges might children and parents in
    each family type encounter?
  • What can child care professionals and educators do to
    help support parents and children who are members of each of these types
    of families?
  • How can communities play a role in family support?

Cite all sources appropriately.



  • One two-part narrative paper, 3-4 pages (750-1000

Develop a detailed two-part narrative paper
that reflects the perspectives of one young child and one middle child,
highlighting the social emotional experiences of each.

Your goal in this paper is to assume
the perspectives of two children of different ages to illustrate your
understanding of the social emotional experiences and challenges that children
of these different age groups encounter at these points in their life spans.
You should write in their voices and from their points of view. The
hypothetical children that you develop to tell their stories in this assignment
should serve as vehicles for you to demonstrate what you have learned about
social emotional development in early and middle childhood.

Think of the two children that you
will speak through in your narrative as real people that have backgrounds,
families, life histories, successes and struggles. Think specifically about
where each of the children that you will use to illustrate social emotional
development in early and middle childhood fall in terms of the following
categories, and how such might impact their social emotional experiences:

  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Special needs
  • Family structure
  • Social class
  • Culture
  • Social support
  • Peer groups
  • Friendships
  • School or child care environment
  • Activities engagement

Once you have created mental
portraits of two children—one in early childhood and one in middle
childhood—write a narrative for each that provides a snapshot of their social
emotional experiences and challenges.

Consider the following questions as
you write:

  • How do the different background characteristics of each
    child—age, gender, family structure, number of siblings, culture,
    language, etc.—play a role in his/her social emotional development?
  • How can you best illustrate the experiences and
    challenges that young and middle children encounter as they develop
    socially and emotionally?
  • What is making and maintaining friends like for each
    child? Why?
  • How does each child’s family and home environment
    impact his/her social emotional experiences?
  • How are the social emotional experiences for young
    children similar to and different from those of middle children?

While this is a creative assignment,
it also requires critical thinking and the application of specific knowledge
from our course materials. When you raise important, formative aspects of
social emotional development that you learned about in class materials, cite
supporting page numbers appropriately. Your two-part narrative should be a
reflection of what you have learned about the social emotional development in
young and middle children.

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