Cinematography, Sound, and Editing Worksheet, film homework help

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Choose a movie
that you have viewed in the past and can re-watch to complete the below
worksheet. Please refer to our course readings.

Part I: Examining Cinematography at least 250 words



Discuss your film’s point of view.

How are camera angles used within your film? Be sure to
point to at least two specific scenes.

Discuss how your film is framed.

Discuss one scene and depth of field.

Using at least one scene examine the ideas of contrast and

Discuss one scene and the concept of movement.

Part II: Analyzing Editing at least 250 words



Analyze a cut within your film.

Discuss two types of shots.

Examine the concept of temporality within your film.

Part III: Examining Sound at least 250 words



How are voice and dialogue used in your film?

Locate one scene with music. How does music work within
that scene? Be specific.

Discuss the sound effects used within your film.

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