Civic disturbance/emergency response

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Student Instructions/Activity

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  1. Visit City Hall in Sentinel City®. Observe the services and populations that may be involved with the city as a result of a civic disturbance.
  2. Review assigned readings.
  3. Recommended Supplemental Resources:
    • Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams (free online course)

      • Right One Minute, Wrong the Next. Provides questions to help verify information available via social media.


    1. Create a report that describes the potential public health effects and environmental hazards related to the civic disturbance.
    2. Describe the members and roles of the emergency response team and organizations (public and private) that could be activated in Sentinel City®.
    3. Present an analysis of the risks and benefits of social media responses from the area.
    4. Select a healthcare practice setting, such as urgent care clinic, school, or hospital unit (ER, Surgery, Critical Care, or Medical/Surgical Unit). Create two communication messages for social media that would be shared during the response and recovery phases from your practice setting. Explain how you would address family members or the media arriving in your department.
    5. Identify at least three evidence-based considerations for each phase of emergency management that should be included in the emergency management plan for your selected practice setting.

    Concept Review

    Questions to help students review the concepts in the material:

    • What are the phases of emergency management?
    • What are the potential public health effects, infrastructure damage and environmental hazards from a civic disturbance? Consider direct and indirect physical mental health.
    • Who are the members of the emergency response team that will be deployed? What private and public resources will assist with the fire response in the short and long term?
    • Critical Thinking Questions
      • Consider the strategies and interprofessional team that should be utilized to develop an emergency response plan in the event of a civic disturbance.
      • What are the risks and benefits of the quick public responses that will be shared on social media?
      • What are the priority communication messages to come from your practice setting to address media, staff and family members?

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