Click and review two provided links and answer the questions in description must be 150 words

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What Do the Facts Say? – The Status of Afterschool Care in Florida Compared to Other States

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Read the two summaries (below) from The Afterschool Alliance.

** The full report is from October, 2009, however, the results are still relevant. I have included the full report for your reference, however, it has many graphs and tables and is an easy read. You do not need to read the entire report as it is 100+ pages long. Read enough to make an informed assessment. I think once you start reviewing it you will find it very interesting and enjoy it.

In your own words share how you believe the data about the status of afterschool care in Florida compares to other states and why.

Be clear in your sharing, explain with an appropriate amount of detail showing that you have reviewed the information thoroughly.

Draw as much from the information as you can to make an informed assessment.

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