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Career Interest Project Directions

Create a multimedia presentation in which you will present information
about a career-interest area or field of study interest.
In addition, write a reflective paragraph about the product and process.

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presentation you create or a presentation your classmate creates may
NOT be used in any other class at APUS or other institution.

There are two (2) parts to this assignment.

Part 1: For the final presentation, include the following:

  • Select and use a presentation tool such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or another choice discussed during this term.
  • For
    your content, choose a career interest that you might pursue after
    completing your degree program or a field of study interest that you
    might pursue within your degree program. If
    you have not selected a degree yet and do not know what career field
    you might pursue, review the degree programs listed on the AMU/APU
    website and select one that piques your interest for additional
    (How to Locate the Gainful Employment Information for Your Discipline)
  • The presentation should include the following:
    • A title slide that includes your name as author, the date, and your course name/section number/session/year.
    • An introduction slide that introduces your topic, why you chose it, and your thesis statement.
    • A
      slide describing your career interest or field of study that connects
      how this topic relates to your degree plan or career interest.
    • Then,
      use your concept map to create slides that address each of your
      critical thinking questions using details from your research; cited,
      in-text, and referenced. This should include cited facts
      about potential salary, work conditions, type of activities included,
      or other details you have selected, using four (4) or more different
      sources (book, journal article, website, video, etc) of which 2 are
      scholarly sources. Bullet the key points on your slides.
    • Use,
      cite in-text, and reference at least four (4) source citations and at
      least two (2) of the sources must be scholarly sources from the APUS
      library. Do not include generic web sources such as Wikipedia or
    • Reference all sources, graphics, and videos in a chosen format style (APA, MLA, or Chicago) at the end of your presentation.
  • Create a script, rehearse, record, and properly embed narration for your entire presentation.
  • Include
    a minimum of two (2) different media forms to enhance your presentation
    that include video, images, graphics, animation, or additional audio.
  • Use
    at least one (1) advance feature of your presentation tool. This may
    include slide transitions, animation, or automatically playing videos
    or narration.

2: In addition to your presentation, in the text box of the assignment,
write a 5-8 sentence paragraph reflection on the finished presentation and the overall process of completing your presentation. This should address how you used the Big 6 Model in its creation.

Presentation examples from other APUS students (used with their permission).

Rich Hutnik:

Michael Cohen:

Ryan Toyer used Adobe Voice:

Malachy Moran used Knovio:

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