Columbia College Marketing Plan for Mc Donalds Research Paper

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The company i had chosen for this is McDonald’s, so please use this company

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Choosing an Organization

You may choose any known organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, small, medium, large, existing, new start-up, established organizations are all permitted) or make one up for your Plan. If you make up your own organization, you will need to find (and reference where applicable) information that is relevant to this type of organization. If you are unsure, it is strongly suggested that you use an existing company. Focus on one or two major products/services rather than the whole organization.

Writing the Plan

Follow the report format for the Marketing Plan closely. Write in business report format using full paragraphs unless otherwise stated. It is crucial to follow various major concepts in the textbook to devise your plan and strategy for each section. In other words, use major parts of each chapter to discuss details for each section. The length of the assignment should be between 8-10 pages, not including an appendix. A minimum of 3 scholarly sources (please use online sources only) including your textbook must be cited using any recognized citation style. Use in-text citations throughout the paper.

It is recommended that you review the grading rubric attached to this dropbox before submitting your assignment.

I have attached a few files, one is the Report format for the Marketing Plan, one is the Grading Rubic and the last 3 are other assignments that i completed in this class that should help out with the McDonalds marketing plan.

The Textbook we use is

Principles of Marketing


Philip Kotler

Northwestern University

Gary Armstrong

University of North Carolina

Pearson logo.

New York, NY

Any questions or concerns on this please let me know.

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