Compare and contrast the perspectives on learning by Zimmerman, Engeström, assignment help

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Essay Topic: Compare and contrast the perspectives on learning presented by Zimmerman (2000), Engeström (2001) and Gilley & Kerno (2010). What implications do these perspectives have for human resources development practices? Which do you think is (or are) more useful in the workplace and why?

To write this essay you will need to obtain and read these three significant and scholarly perspectives on learning, posted on Moodle in the Assignment 1 section. You may refer to other texts if you wish. However, please note that it is much more important to demonstrate a good understanding of the three set texts than it is to find extra articles. An insightful, well written essay that only refers to the three set texts will score significantly higher marks than a badly written essay that cites a lot of references.

Style and format: You should use an essay format (pleasedonotusebulletpoints) and include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion and references.

The essay should be typed using single line spacing, 12 point font (Arial or Times New Roman or equivalent) and presented in A4 size with ‘normal’ margins. Use one side of the paper only. Please upload your assignment via Moodle.

Use the Harvard referencing system and make sure your reference list is formatted in alphabetical order of authors’ last names. For more information on referencing format refer to the library website.

The university has a strong policy on plagiarism. Students who fail to acknowledge sources of information correctly may be charged with plagiarism, which can result in substantial deductions in marks. ‘Forgetting’ or ignorance of correct acknowledgement practices are not acceptable as explanations for failing to acknowledge sources correctly

GeneralThis assignment should be an argument. It should present a justified point of view and not simply narrate the articles used. It may be necessary to devote some space to narrative or description, but the major task will be the weighing and the assessing of evidence and critiquing the same.  Also, wherever possible, you should provide recent and relevant evidence to support your argument. Write it in clear, simple and grammatical prose.

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