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Another way to understand what Comparison and Contrast analysis entails is its focus on similarities by comparing and/or focusing on differences by contrasting. The analysis is organized either Subject-by-Subject or Point-by-Point. The following outline is based upon the topic of apples and oranges and is NOT your actual assignment.

Point-by-Point Subject-by-Subject

I. Shape and size I. Apples

A. Apples A. Shape and size

B. Oranges B. Taste and texture

II. Taste and texture C. Growing conditions

A. Apples II. Oranges

B. Oranges A. Shape and size

III. Growing Conditions B. Taste and texture

A. Apples C. Growing conditions

B. Oranges

To reiterate, your assignment is NOT based upon apples and oranges but upon one of the topics listed below.


Choose from ONE of the following options on which to base your analysis. If you wish to create a different pairing on which to base your analysis, your instructor must approve it first:

1. Eating in versus dining out

2. Outdoor exercising versus indoor exercising

3. Carpooling versus public transportation

4. E-books versus textbooks

5. Face-to-face versus online courses

6. Your own topic that is pre-approved by your instructor

7. *Learning Communities Option: This topic is to be developed by the instructor who is in a linked learning community course.

In your paper, compare and contrast the topic you have chosen. You are writing to inform—which is your purpose—your audience of college students on your topic. Therefore, you will need to select thoughtfully what examples and evidences to integrate. Your thesis is precisely stated. Your purpose is to inform; your audience is college students.

As you write:

1. Be sure to state the topics of your thesis in the introduction.

2. Be sure to include several examples in the body to support your thesis. Do not simply generalize but be specific.

3. Be sure in your conclusion to raise a related question—one that can stimulate further

Assignment II–2

Last name and page number (in Header)


Instructor’s name

Course’s name

Due date

Beware the Seemingly Innocuous

I emerged from that argument about the God particle and promised myself that I would never argue science again. Ever!

Include this four-line information only on p. 1, NOT in the Header.

thought on your topic.

4. Be sure that your title is linked to your thesis.


i. This is a formal analysis essay presented in the third person; therefore, do not use any first- or second-person “I,” “my,” “we,” “us,” “our,” “you” and “your” in your analysis.

ii. This assignment is to adhere to academic writing in Standard English; therefore, you are not to use contractions, abbreviations and symbols, informal language, slang, and colloquialism.

iii. Avoid beginning sentences with: “There is,” “There are,” “It is,” “It was,” “There has,” “There have,” and so on. These openings delay the subject of the sentence and cause wordiness. EXAMPLE:

Weak: There were many books borrowed from the library by diligent student-researchers (12 words). Revised: Diligent student-researchers borrowed many books from the library (9 words).

iv. Though research is not required, if, however, you include any in the analysis, you are required to document the source/s parenthetically and include a page that lists the source/s. You are required to use MLA style of documentation and citation. See Patterns, Ch. 18 for guidance.

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