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Benefits of Strategic Philanthropy

  • Describe strategic philanthropy in your own words.
  • Does strategic philanthropy influence your brand loyalty? Why or why not?


Question A: Air Pollution

Many places have issues with air pollution like Los Angeles, China, India, etc. Find a current event article about an air quality issue. Share the article, including the reference. Explain what is causing the issue and what is suggested to be done.


Constructing Confidence Intervals

  • In the discussion for week 4, you rolled a pair of dice 10 times and calculated the average sum of your rolls.
  • Then you did the same thing with 20 rolls.
  • Use your results from the week 4 discussion for the average of 10 rolls and for the average of 20 rolls to construct a confidence interval for the true mean of the sum of a pair of dice (assume σ = 2.41).
  • What do you notice about the length of the interval for the mean of 10 rolls versus the mean of 20 rolls? Did you expect this? Why or why not?
  • RESULTS: In rolling the dice, I think that I was able to gain a better understanding of the central limit theroem. This theory allows normal probablity to be used. You can use a larger sample to get roughly the same results that you would get using a larger population. My initial average was about 6.5 and when I rolled 20 times it went up to 7.3.



Question B

The cell has often been compared to a miniature factory with the following functions: energy production, product manufacturing, packaging and delivery, waste removal, and command center. Pick one characteristic and explain which part of the cell performs that function. Describe how that part of the cell works and explain what would happen if it no longer functioned properly.

Objective: Identify parts of the cell.


This course is required for students in the AAS Medical Coding and Billing (MCB) degree and in the BS, Health Systems Management (HSM) degree.

Whether you know a lot or not very much about the degree field you have chosen, in your post, identify if you are an MCB or HSM major, and then list the top three skills you think are needed to succeed in your field and explain why by giving examples.



This week we had an introduction to medical terminology and learned how to put together prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

  • Choose a medical term we read about this week that has affected your life or a loved one. Explain the meaning of the term including the prefix, suffix and root.

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