Complete the case study using chapter 3 PPT for learning from the Health Professional as Educators Book

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You are a member of the interdisciplinary team working with Barbara Lud, a 36-yearold woman recovering from a recent surgical resection of a malignant thoracic spinal cord tumor. Mrs. Lund has a supportive husband and a 2-year-old son. Mrs. Lund’s husband, James, states, “I am really worried about Barbarabecause she was quite distressed for about 6 months prior to this surgery over the death of her father. I fear the surgery may have pushed her over the edge.”Currently, 2 weeks status post resection, Mrs. Lund is beginning to ask team members questions about her prognosis and potential functional abilities. She says,”I remember my surgeon trying to explain the surgery to me, but hon­estly, I didn’t really understand much of what he told me. I am a bit naive when it comes toanything medical.” Mrs. Lund appears quite ‘anxious about the cancer diagnosis and about how she will be able to continue caring for her son.

  1. What are two methods you might use to assess Mrs. Lund’s learning needs? List the advantages. And disadvantages of each method:
  1. Describe the criteria your team and the client wi11 use to prioritize her learning needs. Give examples of specific learning needs that will likely be a priority.
  1. What major clues indicate Mrs. Lund’s readiness to learn? Using the PEEK model, identify potential obstacles that might interfere with her readiness to learn.

4. According to the VARK model, how will knowledge of Mrs. Lund’s learning preference(s) affect your team’s instructional approach? Choose one VARK learningpreference for Mrs. Lund and des1cri the instructional approach your team will use to support this preference.

Mrs. Lund is experiencing behaviorist and congnitive learnind styles with its passive reaction and internal perception. The advantages are her goal expectations

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