Continuous Improvement Case

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In the Case for this module, you will be conducting a personal evaluation of your team for the 101 Tips exercise. In reality, you have been assessing the team all the way through the course, but in this Case you are going to condense your analysis into a format that will become the basis for an action plan for continuous improvement and team learning in the SLP for this module. So review your SLPs, Cases and Discussion forums from Modules 1-3, and for each question on the left side of the table, answer yes or no and list appropriate actions for improvement on the right side. The finished table should be about 3-5 pages.

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You will turn in just the table for this Case, but be sure that the presentation is professional. For example, make sure page breaks do not break up text, and align the answers in the right-hand cells with the related question on the left.

The following form is adapted from table 8.1: Actions for growth and improvement. In Nemiro, J. E. (2004). Creativity in Virtual Teams: Key Components for Success. Pfeifer, San Francisco: CA. p. 281.

Team Process

Assessment and Improvement


  • Are there adequate opportunities for idea generation, development, finalization and closure, and evaluation?
  • Is there an appropriate balance of periods for the team to work together, work apart, and then work together again?
  • Is the chosen leadership structure optimal for guiding the team in its path toward creative results?


  • Does the team have adequate procedures and forums for establishing task connection?
  • Does the team have ways to build and maintain interpersonal connection?
  • Are the appropriate team and management conditions and competencies present?


  • Does the team have an agreed-upon personalized communication plan in place to specify the communication tools used, the frequency of the use of those tools, and the purpose for which they are used?
  • Does the team make relevant use of collaboration tools?

Norms and Procedures:

  • Does the team have agreed-upon communication norms that guide its communication behavior?
  • Does the team have an agreed-upon set of norms to assist in the management and accomplishment of the team project and tasks?

Continuous Improvement:

  • Does the team have procedures in place for capturing knowledge for later assessment and learning?
  • Does the team set aside adequate time to actively review and assess its work and subsequently learn from this assessment?

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