Core Values: Community is one of our Saint Leo core values, law homework help

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Answer the following Discussion Questions. Cite work

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Module 2 Discussion

Core Values: Community is one of our Saint Leo core values. How does the creation and application of substantive criminal law affect the community? Provide examples.

Module 3 Discussion

Do castle doctrine laws serve as a deterrent to crime? Defend your position.

Module 4 Discussion

Discuss the legal principle of Respondeat Superior in the context of whether it is fair to hold an employer liable for the criminal acts of its employee. Defend your position.

Module 5 Discussion

Regarding the crime of statutory rape, some states allow the defense of “reasonable mistake of age.” Make an argument for or against allowing that defense and defend your position.

Module 6 Discussion

Research and discuss the burglary statute(s) in your home state. What do you think of the law? Did any of the elements surprise you? Does the punishment seem reasonable? Have you had any professional or personal experience with burglary?

Be sure to use a primary source and provide the citation or link for your statute(s). Contact me if you need help finding a primary source for your state code online.

Module 7 Discussion

Make your best argument why the crime of prostitution is or is not a “victimless” crime. Make sure you back up your argument with a legal and factual basis.

Module 8 Discussion

Should accused terrorists like “Underwear Bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Benghazi suspect Abu Khattala be tried in military tribunals, or be afforded all of the rights enjoyed by all citizens in a criminal trial? Defend your answer.

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