Cost Controls—Back of the House

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Every business must operate from the premise that it must control costs in relation to sales. There are many variables in the hospitality business than can affect different costs: salaries, food ingredients, beverages, equipment, maintenance, linens, and waste to name a few. Because of the many cost variables, control procedures are crucial to ensuring the profitability of the business concept.

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For the course project you will develop different control procedures and strategies for each of the important areas of the business concept. There is a Cost Control Template for you to use for all three assignments that are related to cost controls that you should add to each week. This week we will focus on the cost controls for the back of the house. In a minimum 250 word overview in a Word document following MLA format, outline a minimum of fivedifferent procedures and strategies that will be implemented to control costs in the back of the house for your business concept. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Planning, ordering, and purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Storage and product rotation
  • Inventory
  • Food specifications
  • Portion control
  • Recipe standardization and costing
  • Waste accountability

You should have at least one source for your work. By the due date, submit your assignment to the Discussion Area on the next page.

Read and comment on a minimum of two original posts, with words of inspiration, critique, or other advice.

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