Course Paper – Film Selection and Outline

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choose a film from the pre-approved list provided in the module and will be expected to apply the material covered in class (especially Bonilla-Silva’s
4 frames of colorblind racism) to their everyday social world.
As his/her critical-thinking decision-making objective, the student should decide whether the societal
evidence he/she reviews in the paper (a) demonstrates the typical colorblind pattern that Bonilla-Silva
describes in the textbook; or (b) reveals a more progressive and/or minority pattern; or (c) some
combination of the above; or (d) some other pattern not discussed in the textbook but worth exploring in
future research. The student may find that the quotes he/she analyzes deliberately challenge one of the 4
frames of colorblindness in some way, and he/she can note this in the paper as well. Each paper should
consider the implications of the analysis of colorblindness for the future of a multiracial society. In other
words, how do the representations discovered in your analysis help and/or hinder a society’s progress
toward inclusive multiracial democracy?
[NOTE: Regardless of the film chosen, students should write a minimum of 6 pages total as part of their
The paper should present quotes that illustrate all 4 frames of colorblindness and analyze them

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Due for tomorrow _Select a film from the attached pre-approved list thats attached and watch the film at least once. Create a brief outline of what frames and storylines you will likely be applying, and to whom, and submit it to the Assignment box. .

The complete paper is due in two weeks.

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