cover letter to be sent in the mail and to be sent as an email

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Begin by searching for a computer related job on the internet for which you would apply if you were in the last semester of your degree and ready to begin your career. Identify the individual to whom you should address the email or cover letter.

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Write both a cover letter (application letter) to be sent in the mail and a cover letter to be sent as an email. What are the differences between the two?

Read the following information in the Handbook and brows the URLs provided.

Handbook of Technical writing 9th edition (pages 35+, 111+, and 471+)

Application email

Application letter

On a separate page of each document you submit for the assignment, include a screen shot of the position you are writing the cover letter for.

An email cover letter – the email is the cover letter (Do not write an email and a cover letter)

Most companies would expect you to write a cover letter, just like a normal letter it should include your name, address and contact details, the contents of the letter should include:

  • You introducing yourself
  • Which position you are applying for
  • Why you are applying for the position
  • How your past experiences make you a good fit into the position
  • A conclusion

What is a Good Cover Letter

1. Constructive, positive and optimistic

2. Focuses on the potential employer’s needs – clearly connects qualifications, skills and experience to the advertised position

3. The first paragraph causes reader’s interest and attention

4. Has subject line or “RE:” to refer to the position a person is applying for (for an email only)

5. Consistent font size, e.g. Times New Roman 12 or Arial 9

6. No italics because it is hard to read italics, no bold text (except some special words) and no columns

7. No contracted forms such as it’s or can’t, no exclamation marks, no emoticons or other symbols expressing emotions

8. Short paragraphs

9. It is not a summary of CV or Resume

10. Tells the truth

11. Does not have “To Whom it May Concern”

12. Maintains consistency and contains appropriate spaces between lines and paragraphs

13. No typographic or grammar errors

14. No more than one page long (3-6 paragraphs)

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