Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses design of a microwave path profiling link.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses design of a microwave path profiling link. A microwave communication system makes use of radio frequencies that have a span of between 2 and 60 GHz. The nature of the electromagnetic wave that will be used is dependent on the intended use and application of the system. The electromagnetic waves normally occur in the form of energy waves that are composed of both an electric and magnetic field (Freeman, 2008). Unlike mechanical waves, these are capable of transmitting energy across vacuums. These waves are normally classified according to their frequencies as illustrated below.

Compared to radio waves, microwaves have a shorter wavelength. They are used in cooking food, the transmission of information, and the prediction of weather. Microwaves are appropriate for use in weather analysis and transmission of communication signals due to its ability to penetrate tough clouds, smoke, and other forms of interference. Microwave links have several factors that make them appropriate for use in fixed media networks (Seybold, 2005). These waves have less exposure to accidental damages and make use of single point installations. They are cost-effective since they can be deployed quickly. However, it is also crucial to point out that this technology is limited to capacity, in certain areas where the terrain is unfriendly, there may be a need for pylons to be erected and the relay stations must be located over long distances making it unsuitable for short distances communications (Jimenez, 1999).

This is determined by the number of wavelengths in its area of signal capture. It occurs in two positions where the frequency of the system may rise or the size of the signal capture area may give up (Jimenez, 1999).&nbsp.Most of the point to point microwaves systems make use of parabolic antennas so that they are able to achieve the necessary gain and the interference that has been reduced from the system.

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The antenna beamwidth is related to the forward gain of the antenna. Antennae gains result from the redirection of available radiated energy within a particular direction and if the gain is higher in the forward direction, it reduces in magnitude in the other directions.

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