create a powerpoint on intercultural activity with a culture other than my own

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Create a 5–7 minute audio presentation with a visual component (such as PowerPoint or Kaltura) and include a reference list. Your assignment should meet the following criteria:

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  • Communicate effectively in a presentation format.
    • Practice beforehand to assure a clear, high-quality final product. You may choose to use the outline tool from Weeks 2 and 4.
  • Describe your engagement with an intercultural activity (or activities) with a culture other than your own.
    • Use language and delivery in a way that demonstrates respect for the dignity, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and individuality of people dissimilar from yourself.
  • Connect the cross-cultural experience to course material and other resources.
    • Cite sources within your presentation.
    • Complete and submit a reference list gathered through research.
  • Provide personal reflection about the experience.
  • Discuss the potential impact cultural differences have on communication.
  • Analyze how nonverbal communication affects intercultural communication.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.
  • APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to APA style and formatting.
  • Script options: You have the option of creating a written or audio script for your presentation.
    • For PowerPoint: If you choose the written option, type your script (what you would say to your audience) in the Notes box below each slide. If you choose the audio option, use the Record feature in PowerPoint if you prefer to incorporate audio for each slide rather than a written script. Refer to the resources in your Week 6 activity, Visuals in Presentations.

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