Create a virtual museum exhibit that showcases the cultural significance of an object.

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********you have to use the template i provided for this project*****Create a virtual museum exhibit that showcases the cultural significance of an object.
In this assignment, you will create a virtual museum exhibit based on an object that you believe to be
culturally significant. The exhibit should include effective images and relevant information from
credible sources and incorporate elements of design that reflect the importance of the object and add
Assignment prompt:
Create a virtual museum exhibit based on an object that you believe to be culturally significant.
Assignment instructions
Step 1: Pick an object and develop strong research questions.
a) Pick an object that you believe has cultural significance. Think about topics and cultures or
societies you are interested in.
b) Develop strong research questions that will help you navigate through information. Ask
questions that help you highlight the importance of the object.
Step 2: Conduct research
a) Look for information that answers your research questions. Based on the results of your
research, revise research questions as necessary.
b) Use information that is based on credible sources, such as .gov, .edu, and .org websites.
c) Organize research information using notes.
Step 3: Select effective images and text.
a) Look for images that are in the public domain or follow fair use guidelines.
b) Select images that are effective in showing important aspects of the object.
c) Select information that is accurate, relevant, interesting, and concise.
d) Think about design options that add visual interest and clarity to the exhibit, such as image
placement, text font, and choice of background.
Student Guide (continued)
Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.
Step 4: Create your exhibit.
a) Gather and edit information and images to be included in the exhibit. b) Design the exhibit to appeal to an audience.
c) Remember to save your work as you go.
Step 5: Evaluate your exhibit using the checklist.
If you can answer “yes” to each question, you are ready to submit your exhibit.
□ Does your exhibit reflect the cultural significance of an object?
□ Does your exhibit include accurate and reliable information?
□ Does your exhibit contain effective images?
□ Does your exhibit have a layout that is easy to navigate?
□ Does your exhibit have visual appeal?
Step 6: Revise and submit your exhibit.
a) If your work does not meet all of the requirements on the checklist, revise it.
b) Once you have completed your exhibit, save your file. (Ask your teacher for help.)
c) Return to the Virtual Classroom and use the “Browse for file” option to locate and submit your
assignment. Congratulations on completing your assignment!
d) Ask your teacher for further instructions about printing your work and presenting it to an

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