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Conflict Sketch

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For this discussion, you will create a conflict sketch. You will explore a conflict, sketching out enough description or action to show what problems characters would face. You need to provide enough detail that the central dilemma will be clear.

Choose one of the situations listed below or create your own situation to work out the conflict:

  • Put two characters with completely contradictory viewpoints on an issue together in a situation where they must make a choice. How will they resolve their differences and choose a path to follow?
  • Have a character defy social norms in some way. Why does he or she do it? What happens to him/her?
  • A character feels the responsibilities of family and must do something to support a family member. What’s the situation? What’s the dilemma? Fill in the details and let your readers experience this conflict.
  • A character looks back at his/her life and wishes he/she could change one thing. What is it? Why? How does he/she resolve the wish?
  • Have a character undertake a journey of some kind – physical or spiritual. What central issue will he or she face along the way? What will he or she learn? How?

Once you’ve chosen the situation, develop a scene in which this plays out. Remember the strategies for utilizing sensory imagery, descriptive writing, characterization, and setting. When you post this to the discussion board, please let your peers know which situational prompt you chose.

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