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In preparation for this discussion, please read the New York Times article, “The Octopus That Almost Ate Seattle” and research any additional scientifically reliable online or printed resources. Using the information that you have learned, answer the following questions (400 words or more): DON’T FORGET TO SITE YOUR SOURCES

1. Define a locavore. What are the pros and cons of being a locavore?

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2. Which factors contribute to the robust population size of the giant Pacific Octopus?

3. Why were the community members upset about Dylan Mayer’s hunt?

4. Should species only be protected if they are endangered?

5. How can an appropriate balance between protecting local populations and feeding on them be established?

Respond with 5-7 sentences to 2 of your classmates When posting or responding to a post, keep your answers relevant to the particular discussion string. .

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1.A locavore is someone who only consumes locally grown or locally produced food. This person’s diet consists of eating only local food whenever the chance permits. Some pros of locavore include that it is healthier food, it is organic, fresh and local. It also has the benefit of helping the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions. Also traditionally when you get local food you do not get grocery bags which helps the environment as well. Some cons would be fewer food options, there isn’t much variety. Another con would be that most local foods have their seasons, therefore, they can not have something year round.

2.Some factors that contribute to the expansion of population size of giant pacific octopus would be when the female octopus is carrying her eggs she never leaves her den to hunt for food. This decreases the chances of something happening to her and her eggs. Reproduction ends up occurring no matter what since she takes good care of both her and the eggs. Although the female octopus ends up dying shortly after laying her eggs, the population is made up by how many are laid which is anywhere between 18-74,000.

3.The community members were upset about Dylan Mayer’s hunt because they didn’t approve of this animal killing. Although, this is very inappropriate for them to react this way since they enjoy eating octopus salad at Bar Sajor.

4.Ideally, all animals should be protected but that will not happen for various reasons. I do think that animals should only be protected if they are endangered. Animals that arent endangered keep reproducing therefore their population keeps growing and growing.

5.An appropriate balance to protect both would be to reduce the human consumption of animals and increase greens. This not only would help protect populations but also help us by allowing us to be healthier and lose calories.

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