design a powerpoint presentation that you will upload into moodle graduate research project grp

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Select an organization of your choice to analyze based on the 12 sections listed in Project Details Word document.

You may use an organization you have researched and discussed earlier in this course. You may also choose your own organization if you can provide proper reference material support any of your conclusions. You may use personal communication as well, but ensure you properly cite it in your work.

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The actual layout of the PowerPoint (background, etc.) is not overly important. Present your ideas as bullet-statements in the presentation. Use your NOTES section to provide details on your bullet-statements. Write your notes as you would verbally present them. I do NOT grade your notes section for writing or APA errors. I review your notes section for depth of content.

Note: Have fun and be creative with this assignment. This is your chance to demonstrate what you have learned and how to apply what you learned.

* Please name your file as follows: last name_first name_HRT6575.E1_#GRP (Reagan_Matthew_HRT6575.E1_#GRP)

There are not a minimum or maximum number of slides. However, you will want to address each of the 12 sections below. Your grade will be based upon the following:

  • Did you cover each of the requirements below?
  • How thorough did you cover each requirement?
    • Does your presentation demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts you presented?
  • Spelling/etc.
  • Citations included? (Make sure you include citations for your references; construct your citations just like you would for a normal paper and primarily use parenthetical citations)
    • Paraphrase example: It is always important to include citations (Reagan, 2013).
    • Direct quote example: “Always cite your references in order to avoid the possibility of plagiarism” (Reagan, 2013, p. 1).
  • Did you utilize concepts learned/covered throughout the entire course?
  • Did you include a References slide? (This slide should look like a reference page in a normal written APA document.)
    • You need to use your textbook as a reference plus at least THREE outside references

The following 12 sections should be a part of your presentation. You should present and “discuss” the following:

  • Environmental Pressures for change
  • Internal Organizational Pressures for change
  • Which of the Six Images of Managing Change would be most effective in your chosen organization?
    • Why?
  • Are there any reasons your organization may not change despite the environmental pressures?
    • If so, what are they?
  • What types of changes are you anticipating or planning?
    • First-order; second-order; etc.
  • Which, if any, of the models for diagnosing change will or would you use?
  • Why will people resist change in your organization?
  • What actions will you take to mitigate or eliminate resistance to change?
  • Which approach(es) would/will you utilize to implement change?
    • Why?
  • Either utilize the organization’s current vision statement or develop a new one and link it to the change you are recommending/planning.
  • How are you going to communicate change?
    • What strategies will you use?
    • What kind of media will you utilize?
    • What skills will be important in communicating change?
  • What impact is the multi-generational workforce impacting the change process?
  • What actions will you implement to sustain change?
    • Why those specific actions?

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