Directional Strategies Report

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Create a 3–5-page directional strategy report, as if you were preparing to present your assessment to a representative panel of employee stakeholders of a health care organization.

Questions to Consider:

  • What are the major categories of employee stakeholders in a health care organization of your choosing (such as executives, senior management, middle management, caregivers, maintenance, administrative support personnel, volunteers)?
  • What role does the board of directors play in your health care organization?
  • What are the important elements of an effective board of directors?
  • What is the process your organization uses to select members?
    • How effective is that process?
  • What are industry best practices for selecting board members for a health care organization?
  • How well do your organization’s strategies align with its published vision, mission, and values?
  • How does this organization’s environment support or hinder its alignment with its vision, mission, and values?

Assessments 1 and 2 must be completed before beginning this assessment.

Analyze the relevance of the organization’s directional strategy, including its vision, mission, values, and organizational culture. The goal is to focus upon application of the concepts and new insight. Keep it brief and substantive. Note: Feel free to construct images/diagrams to summarize information where appropriate (for example, TOWS matrix…).

Complete the following:

  • Review the mission, vision, and values statements of your health care organization.
  • Examine how well each statement addresses the components of a directional strategy.
  • Analyze the gap between the desired outcome and the actual state of the current environment.
  • Analyze the organization’s directional strategy, including its vision, mission, and values.
  • Examine the strategic “fit.”
    • Does the directional strategy fit the environment?
    • Is the organization headed in the right direction given the environmental assessment?
    • Does growth make sense right now or does maintaining the status quo or even contraction make better sense?
  • Recommend changes you would make to ensure a foundation necessary for the current structure and strategies of the organization. Note: Support your recommendations with relevant resources from the literature.


Organizational Ethics and Strategic Planning

These resources and articles help identify the decision-making process, considering mission, values, and ethics in the strategic planning process.

These articles help identify the decision-making process and directional strategies for strategic planning.

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