Discuss two Infographic (each 1 paragraph) then create a shortened URL for each infographics webpage, homework help

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So easy!!! you are required to find two infographics to discuss. I want you to go to Bit.ly to create a shortened URL for each of these infographics webpages. It’s free and easy to do. Always try out that new bit.ly to make sure it actually works before sharing with with an audience.

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There are some website about introduction to Infographics and Bit.ly






Also, there has two example for this work:

Example 1: :

http://bit.ly/1RBYCwh (Links to an external site.)

This infographic caught my eye because of the amount of facts presented. It has quite a lot. This infographic was sponsored by the American Heart Association, so I feel as though it is very reliable. This ad was not just about obesity, but it was narrowed down to a specific age rage of infants to preschoolers. I was surprised to learn that obesity is linked to more chronic conditions than smoking, poverty, and drinking. This ad had a great color scheme and image selection. This was very informative.

http://bit.ly/2mtY9Uj (Links to an external site.)

This infographic is related to my field in Human Resources. This infographic was a poll of 812 people about the recruitment process. The colors in this infographic really stood out to me. There is a lot of information that is very useful to see what the majority of HR departments surveyed are doing. This infographic was sponsored by Direct Hire. I appreciated under the title where they disclosed the number of people surveyed.

Example 2:

ttp://bit.ly/2np6yfe (Links to an external site.)

My first infographic I chose to use is one that focuses on online marketing content. It breaks down the content diversity down into 3 parts: the forms, the channels, and the strategies that marketers will use. It then breaks it down further into 3 different stages: the past, the present, and the future. I think this is important for all marketers to understand and be able to try and predict. The right use of marketing platforms can really affect the sales and overall success of a company. The design that Content Crossroads used is one that breaks down a lot of information and presents it in a easily comprehendible way. Knowing the best current channels to use and being able to predict the right channels to use in the future gives companies a huge advantage over others and is an important topic to keep in consideration.

http://bit.ly/2nTj6YR (Links to an external site.)

The second topic I chose to use discusses outdoor participation here in the US. It presents the information on the top 5 growing outdoor activities, top 3 reasons why Americans decide not to participate in the outdoors, and other statistics that put our outdoor utilization into perspective. I think the infographic was designed well and presents the data in an easy way to decipher. I chose this infographic because it’s something that I believe everyone should do because of all the benefits outdoor activities gives.

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