discussion (write 1 and 2 separately)100 to 150 words

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Focus your initial post on your reaction(s) to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” What intrigued you or, even, repelled you as you were reading?

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Even when we understand the principles of satire, it is easy to become emotionally overwhelmed by Swift’s proposal. What is he really calling for? Why do you think he decided to use this particular manner to level his critique? Select two passages that best illustrate Swift’s masterful use of satire to level his critique.

1.As you begin to engage with selected posts, broaden the analysis.

Consider how the proposal speaks to us in 2017. Is it still relevant? Why? Why not?

Compare Swift’s work to the other materials we covered this week. What seem to be important similarities you are able to notice? Differences?

2.. The follow-up posts should also not exceed 150 words to keep the exploration of the initial points succinct and focused. Support your analysis with references to specific passages with a direct quotation or paraphrase. Be sure to check your initial post and engage with the posts it has received.

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