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Discussion Forum 9

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For this week’s forum, I’d like you to explore topics. I have advice for good topics in the video for this week, so you may want to review it. Please propose at least three topics and potential thesis statements you might be interested in writing about for the Argument Essay. Keep in mind the following: your writing can gain authority from your personal experience; try to choose a topic with which you have some direct experience. Your argument (thesis) needs to be a statement (not a question) on which reasonable people disagree. If no one (or hardly anyone) would disagree with your thesis, it’s not worth writing an argument about it. Finally, you need to be able to find credible, academic sources to support whatever topic/thesis you finally choose. In week 10, we will have an activity specifically centered around using the online library resources.

With all of that in mind, please propose three possible topics and potential thesis statements. Try to make sure your post is at least 150 words.

“Sources Picked: 1. Income Inequality 2. White-Collar Crime 3. Online Education

Please and Thank You.

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