discussion board Let’s Discuss the Fascinating World of HR.

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Please see the attachment for the discussion board rubric

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This could be between 500 to 600 words.

Discuss this five part section [identify each numbered section within your post as such]

  1. What do you believe is the top human resources issue in the US at this time – and why?
  2. Discuss your views on the future of HR based on the following 3 websites:




Be sure to identify: (A) your agreement or disagreement with the articles, (B) concerns with the future of HR, (C) comments on each article specifically, and (D) overall what will the future of HR look like from your perspective

  1. Come up with your own five trends for
    the future of HR/What are the most important factors that will be
    relevant to HR (in order of importance – 1 being most important) and
    explain your reasoning with at least 3 sentences per trend (based on your scholarly findings, textbook, online resources, etc.).
  2. A growing trend in HR is the need for
    diversity in talent pools. As diversity can bring about new ideas,
    debate, and innovation; discuss HRs role in diversity.

Identify skill sets that diversity can bring about. Discuss what the diverse workforce looks like and how these groups impact the organization; ex: Generation Y, women representation, aging workforce, etc. Address self-regulatory initiatives and legislative insight of diverse workplaces.

  1. Discuss HRMs role with Social Media. Provide actual organizational cases of reference.

PLEASE, please, please review the Online Disucssion Rubric (located in the content tab) as this course will follow strict adherence thereto…

WAIT – did you thoroughly discuss the 5-part section for this Discussion?

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