Discussion board Orientation Initial post: · Includes one substantive initial post using at least two scholarly or professional references with accompanying in-text citations to support a

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Discussion board


Initial post:

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·         Includes one substantive initial post using at least two scholarly or professional references with accompanying in-text citations to support any paraphrased, summarized, or quoted material.

·         While we prefer not to assign word counts to posts, as a suggested best practice, your initial post should be at least 350 words.

·         Includes an open-ended, thought-provoking question posed to classmates.

·         Posted by Saturday at 11:59 PM CST.

Part I: Thinking about the completion of the final doctoral research study/dissertation, what are your strengths that will assist you with the completion of this project? What opportunities will you need to overcome?

Part II: Looking at the pre-dissertation phase of the program, how might working on these tasks make your actual dissertation work more efficient?

Response posts:

·         Includes at least two substantive responses that each include at least 1 scholarly, professional, or textbook reference with accompanying in-text-citation to support any paraphrased, summarized, or quoted material.

Part I:

I must say the thought of finishing my final doctoral research dissertation sounds amazing and refreshing, especially since we are just starting. However, I know with my current workload and family life, it is going to be quite a challenge but a challenge well worth the journey. My strengths are tenacity and discernment. I am good at pushing projects and tasks through to completion to ensure the desired results are achieved. I also enjoy using my intuition and instincts to evaluate and assess ideas or plans. The opportunity I will need to overcome is the time management piece. I am sure many of us face the same obstacles. I do not know of anyone who does not have an above busy life anymore with everything we are experiencing around us. If your goals are congruent with your values, you are more likely to make decisions that will help you achieve your goals and stay motivated to chart the course, even during difficult times (Stern, 2022). Prioritizing the task at hand and managing the right time to complete my final doctoral research dissertation will be a challenge, but in no way unachievable. One other challenge for me will be the writing skills portion, as much as I enjoy writing, the challenge of completing a complex and lengthy document will be challenging.

Part II:

The pre-dissertation phase of the program along with the ongoing task assigned will allow me to chart the course needed for success. Right now, I have three categories or hypothesis in the area of organizational leadership in which to begin my studies. In some ways, they overlap with each other but have different purposes and ideas that can be hypothesized. The pre-dissertation phase will provide me with the tools necessary to clarify my thesis, develop the research plan, conduct the research, and provide my audience with thought provoking conversation within themselves and others. It will be important to chart my progress and build a collection of milestone moments to celebrate the small wins along the way. Completing important and non-urgent tasks usually gives people the greatest sense of satisfaction and accomplishment (Ditzler, 1994). The ability to have access to a faculty mentor is going to be a large component to my success as well. Utilizing the tools provided to us is a must and should not be ignored. I am looking forward to the ups and downs of this entire process and learning from each and every step along the way.

Open-ended question:

When comparing transformational and adaptive leadership styles, which style or approach is the right one to lead a business or organization?

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