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Respond to each prompt will be a minimum of 250 words per prompt, and each post will include at least one leading question following your response and one scholarly reference. I will forward textbook information to you upon successful selection of the bid.

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Ethcis in Professional Counseling

Prompt 1: How will you address a situation where your professional boundaries directly conflict with a cultural action/request made by the client? Similar to the example in the text where the patient wanted to give the counselor a gift and stated that if he did not accept her gift, she would feel rejected.

Prompt 2: Do you agree that lack of self-care can lead to boundary issues? Do you worry that it will be difficult to transition after spending several years consumed with work, family life and education? How can you practice self-care now with a hectic schedule?

Counseling Skills

Prompt 3: How can a client’s tone of voice affect your empathic guess in understanding their intended message?

Prompt 4: On page 115 of Interviewing and Change Strategies, what are the answers to the “self-questions” you would ask, and what is the “actual clarification response” you would offer? Choose client 1, 2, or 3.

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