Discussion post- Interviewing

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A key aspect to a successful interview experience is preparation.
While everyone will have a slightly different strategy and approach to
preparing for an interview, the information and suggestions provided
within this module should act as a guide.

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Create a discussion post to share with your classmates a few tips or
tricks that help you prepare for an interview. If you have not yet
experienced an interview, feel free to discuss strategies you have
learned about and you plan on utilizing when the time comes. If you have
experienced an interview, a brief story about your experience can be a
great way to share your tips and tricks and why they were effective for

In your post, be sure to include:

  1. A brief explanation of 2-3 of your favorite interview-preparation strategies.
  2. Why the tips you chose to share help boost your confidence going into the interview.
  3. How these tips can be developed or improved upon in the future.
  4. Why these tips contribute to the success of your interview.

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