Discussion Question Chp. 3:Discussion Question Chp. 4:CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study Assignment: Hospital Emergency Department Expansion This is the book Essentials of Strategic Planning in

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  1. Discussion Question Chp. 3:
  2. Discussion Question Chp. 4:

CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study Assignment: Hospital Emergency Department Expansion

This is the book

Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, Jeffrey P. Harrison, 2nd edition, 2016, Health Administration Press Chicago, Illinois. ISBN: 978-1-56793-791-6.

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question 1

What role does the board of directors, senior leadership, physicians, employees and community organizations play in a healthcare  organization’s strategic planning process?

Question 2

How does SWOT analysis set the stage for strategic planning?

CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study: Hospital Emergency Department Expansion.

Using the four steps of SWOT analysis discussed in Chapter 4, perform a SWOT analysis for Coastal Medical Center. Use SWOT analysis to identify key factors necessary to get Coastal Medical Center back on track and moving forward on a new road to success.

You are the newly hired COO and has been actively investigating the declining performance of Coastal Medical Center. During the hiring process, the board of directors assigned him the responsibility of getting the organization back on track. Help Reynolds develop a strategic planning process that will place Coastal Medical Center on a new road to success.

As the COO of CMC you have met with Dr. John Warren, the chief medical officer, and Dr. Debra Jones, the director of the CMC emergency department (ED). They discussed the quality-level data included in the report on the next two slides. They also discussed a workload report of the ED service volume for the past year. The data show a high level of ED utilization. The average charge for a hospital ED visit is $1,000 plus $500 in ancillary charges such as laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy. However, the data also suggest that a percentage of the ED patients are leaving without being seen. Mr. Henderson, Dr. Warren, and Dr. Jones are concerned about lost revenue because hospital data show that in addition to the ED charges, if admitted to the hospital, patients generate an average of $100 in profit per inpatient day.

  1. Based on your evaluation of the ED data do you see any current problems?
  2. Based on the data provided, calculate the potential lost revenue for the Emergency Department visits over the past year?
  3. Based on the data provided, calculate the potential lost downstream hospital revenue from ED Admissions that walked out, over the past year?
  4. As the Director to the ED, what recommendation would you to the Coastal Medical Center CEO Ron Henderson and Dr. John Warren the Chief Medical Officer about some options on how to deal with the ED problem.

Images are attached for that assignment for the case study

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