Discussion Question: Effective Techniques

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Locate on the internet a video of an interview. You may choose a news interview or any other interview you can locate.

Your job is to review the interview, and identify at least three
instances of the use of interview techniques (paraphrase, summary,
silence, reflection, or interpretation). In your discussion post,
provide quotes of what the interviewer and interviewee said (or did not
say in the case of silence) that demonstrate each interview technique.
Be sure to identify the technique for which you are providing each

After you identify the interview techniques (you may use the same
technique or different ones) with your three examples, also provide an
analysis of the effectiveness of each technique. That is, was the
technique effective? How did the interviewee respond to the technique?

Be sure to provide a link to the video clip you are analyzing so that
your classmates may also view the clip. Please be sure you cite all the
sources you used in the assignment.

In your response posts to your classmates, view the clips that your
classmates have located. Do you agree with the techniques that your
classmates have identified? Your classmates’ analysis of the effect of
the technique? Please explain why you agree or do not agree.

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