Discussion:On or before Day 3 Submit Part A and Part B as a single post. Part A Think about everything you have done this term, from responding to TED Talks, writing several essays, participating in t

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Discussion:On or before Day 3

Submit Part A and Part B as a single post.

Part A

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Think about everything you have done this term, from responding to TED Talks, writing several essays, participating in the peer review process, and countless other activities along the way. Guess what? That took a lot of courage!   It also takes a lot of courage to put your work out there for others to critique, but it also takes confidence to make critical suggestions about what other people write. Reflect on that experience for a few moments.Then, look back on your journey through the class and how it has affected your writing confidence. Like peer review, this process can lead to new thinking, which can then be reflected in your writing.Respond to the following questions in at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences):

  • Go to the Class Café and look at your introductory post. How confident were you during that first week when everything was brand new?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment as a student and/or writer in this course? How might this add to your confidence, and how might you carry this into the future?
  • Look back at the feedback you received in Week 5’s peer review process. What is one specific suggestion from a classmate that will help you improve your essay the most? Explain why.

Part B

Click the link for Noeline Kirabo’s TED talk, two questions to uncover your passion- and turn it into a career: https://www.ted.com/talks/noeline_kirabo_2_questions_to_uncover_your_passion_and_turn_it_into_a_career?

In her TED talk, Kirabo asks this question:

What would you do if you had all the time and money you needed?In the capacity of working with high school dropouts, Kirabo put this question to a young girl who attempted suicide, dropped out of school and, seemingly, had no direction in life. The question not only changed the direction of the teen’s life but had a domino effect on others.

In at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences), complete the questions/tasks below. Focus on small acts of kindness or big dreams of social change. Be as descriptive and specific as possible:

  • If you had all the time and money you needed, how would you advocate for social change and positively affect the world through your professional journey?
  • Incorporate the TED Talk within your response. You have already done this in some way, shape, or form in the past five weeks. Draw upon what you have learned and find the best way to incorporate Kirabo’s ideas into your post.

Weekly Discussion Challenge:

In your paragraph for Part B, find a second source related to social change and quote, summarize, or paraphrase it in the post. Remember to introduce and explain evidence. Make sure to cite this source at the end of your post.

On or before Day 7

Read the Part C instructions carefully before you respond to classmates as they differ each week.

Part C

Write at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) per response.

You are an expert at responding to your classmates now, so feel free to take a chance or go off on a tangent as you engage with your classmates. How can you best help your classmates to further think about Kirabo’s TED Talk? Try to connect Kirabo’s ideas to the entire course in some way. Use the writing skills you have developed to add depth to the conversation.

Respond to at least two classmates (more is better).

these are the 2 classmates i pick the first person is Rebecca Richardson, Garret Homan

Part B

In Noeline Kirabo’s Ted talk “2 Questions to uncover your passion- and turn it into a career”, she speaks about how we as people need to take a personal inventory and find what makes us happy and brings us joy. She speaks about how we need to look at ourselves from the inside and what our skills are and how that relates to our passion to create a career that helps us to live life and not just survive. I have spent a long time reflecting on what motivates me, what makes me feel fulfilled and how I can contribute to my community in a way that moves us forward. If I had all the money and time, I needed I would set up a community for the homeless. I would concentrate first on homeless children and then homeless veterans. They have shown how some cities have made singular small homes or spaces for the homeless and I would model my community after that. The tiny homes initiative in Washington State is something that I would model my community after. This type of village has a central kitchen, restroom and bathing facilities but offers the homeless a place to rest that has heat, electricity, is weatherproof, and can be locked. (L. 2021) I believe this type of community offers something that most shelters do not, peace of mind. There are a lot of people who will not go to a regular shelter because they feel unsafe or because they think they will be looked down on. I believe building a tiny home village will help both problems by giving people their dignity back and giving them a place where they can feel safe and secure. If I had all the time and money, I would build these types of villages to help people get back on their feet.

Part B

With all the time and money necessary, I would spend half my time as a nurse practitioner in a critical care unit and focus on the Latin American community in my city. Then the other half of my work week would be as an outpatient clinic that focused on preventative care, screenings and education for the same community. We could talk about diet, exercise and work as a resource with social work to find jobs, housing, insurance and even childcare for locals who are struggling to get by because of a language barrier. We could even set up a ESL night class to help adults and children alike. There are also a surprising number of Spanish speakers who are not able to read or write in Spanish, as such we could also include classes in those as well. I have some experience and skill in Spanish and healthcare already, and there are always open positions for patient advocates especially for disadvantaged groups like Spanish speakers. Working in such a position would emphasize my role as a patient advocate, but it would also inspire my passion for both learning and teaching. Being in the presence of native Spanish speakers would inspire me to learn more of their language and culture.

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