Do a research paper and a Literature Review paper on Philando Castile July 6, 2016 Fatally shot during a traffic stop

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Do a research paper and a  Literature Review paper on Philando Castile July 6, 2016 Fatally shot during a traffic stop


Now that you have your research topic, it is time to start researching it. Use the UC Library research resources to help you find academic journal articles and other credible and reputable sources and source material for your Research Paper.

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First, go to the Utica College Library webpage:

Once there, scroll down to Data Bases, and click on:  Criminal Justice and Law    (there are several other topic options, but you can start with is one)

Once there, you will see ten new links related to criminal justice in some way to attempt searches for resource documents to use in your Literature Review by adding Key search words.  I recommend you familiarize yourself with all of them, as they can help you a great deal in your future research writing.  If you get stuck on how to use key words for your topic, contact library personnel for assistance/suggestions (they like to put their detective’s has on, too, to find scholarly and/or professional articles.

The below link goes to our first Dropbox activity, where you will be submitting Writing Assignment #1 – the First Page of your Literature Review and its Reference Page, following APA Guidelines.  This assignment provides you with the following:

3) Getting practice applying APA writing standards to your paper.   Warning: when preparing your Reference Page, some students choose to use an auto-fill tool. Most of these auto-fills that I see are not in APA compliance, meaning that you then need to go into each entry and edit it following APA requirements.  For short writing assignments, such as this one, I find it much easier to just prepare the Reference Page by hand.

When searching for your sources, keep this in mind:

-No wiki or -edia/ia sources.  These can be useful for initial background information on your topic, but they are not considered reliable sources, so you cannot use them in a research paper.

-Select sources that have an author, which eliminates most blogs.  An exception to this rule could be government websites.

– Journal articles are the most credible sources.  Articles from professionals/known authorities in the field are next in value.

– Research findings are always an excellent addition to a research paper (ie: A study by Smith found that 63% of the people who…….)

This week you will be submitting the first page of your Literature Review and your Reference Page Draft.  A primary purpose for this writing assignment is for you to get continued practice with APA in-text citation -ie:  (Walsh, 2021)  and the associated Reference Page entry (See APA and my Top 5 Writing Tips for examples to follow). Since giving credit to your source (or not) is the area that can get you in trouble if you do not do it correctly, as you expose yourself to claims of plagiarism, it is my intention to make a lot of comments on your submissions.  Why? To better prepare you for your future research papers – starting with your Week 6 full research paper in this course. I. If you do not attempt to learn, strengthen, and advance your writing, you will be wasting your time and mine, and you will be losing points twice for the same issue.  I hope you choose to avoid that.

Beyond my Top 5 Tips document, there are three important points to remember while completing your literature review:

1)You cannot write a sentence without protecting it with a citation. How do you know the information you just wrote? You must give credit to that source. You cannot use your own experience/knowledge – you must rely on other sources. (the only exception to this is if you have researched and published on the topic. Then you can cite yourself).

2) You are beyond having one entire paragraph of content from only one source, where you just add one citation at the end of the paragraph; you need to conduct more research on the content of that paragraph, and bring in multiple authors who wrote on it (two, at least). Do they agree/disagree? Note that in the paragraph.

3) When you add a citation in your literature review, you must have an associated entry for it in your Reference Page. The reverse is true, also:  you cannot have an entry in your Reference Page that does not have an associated citation in your Reference Page.

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