Do the two 1.After reading about the different critical approaches to literature, choose one of the stories that we have read this term and apply one of those approaches. Examples of a critical approa

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Do the two

1.After reading about the different critical approaches to literature, choose one of the stories that we have read this term and apply one of those approaches. Examples of a critical approach can be historical or cultural significance, feminism, gender studies, etc. In 200-400 words, discuss which approach you chose and support yourself. Be sure to include the following:

1. Title and author of the text.2. Critical approach and a brief (2-3 sentence) definition. 3. Provide 2-3 specific examples from the text that support your choice.

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  • This could include:

    • Author influence. Kate Chopin has often been studied with a feminist filter.
    • Certain word choices.
    • Specific character actions or beliefs.
    • The purpose or message of the story.
    • Anything that made you think, “Oh! This could be feminism/historical context/cultural studies!”

4. Why did you choose this particular critical approach? Is it one that you are particularly interested in?

2.Process of Reflection

Similar to the reflective assignment you did after essay 1, I want you to go back and revisit your process for essay 2.

Most of the same rules apply:

  • Keep learning your writing style.
  • Pay attention to how you gather information and how you get to the final draft. A lot will have to do with your personality.
  • Often times, analytical thinkers write short, efficient sentences while creative thinkers tend to write longer, multi-line sentences. Neither is wrong! Learn to embrace your own style and use it as a foundation.

Once you have this foundation, you know how to get to your end goal, which, for this class, is that beautifully crafted final draft. You learn to reflect and grow. For example, if you know that you write brief, choppy sentences, how can you develop them? What information can you add? If you write long, flowy sentences, consider whether or not every word is really needed.

Think about the following:

  • What was your brainstorming process? How did you come up with your idea (while driving, cooking dinner, ideas hastily written on a paper napkin at a birthday party)?
  • What did you do with the idea?
  • Did you try to write the paper from start to finish?
  • Did you write in sections or parts and piece it together at the end?
  • How much time did you (honestly!) give to editing and revising your work?

For this assignment, consider your writing process and reflect. What do you feel you did well? What part of the process needs improvement?

In 400-600 words, walk yourself through your own process. Be honest. Talk about where you should make changes. Feel free to refer to the questions listed above.

You should:

  • Include a heading and title
  • Write professionally. You may use “I” for this assignment but avoid other conversational speech.
  • Format the assignment like an essay (practice, practice, practice) with indented paragraphs, not Q & A style.
  • Always revise and edit before submitting.

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