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Due by 11am on Thursday (4/28/16)

5 pages min. (double spaced) or 1250 words.  Either length is acceptable: e.g., a four page paper is fine, so long as it has a minimum of ca. 1250 words. You need not write at much greater length.

The topic, format and approach are totally up to you.  You are invited to (but not required to) make comparisons between the ancient material and modern parallels you might find.  Or you can simply focus on the ancient material. In general, the topic is whatever you find interesting about the ancient material (and, if you feel like it, showing its relevance to the modern day). Or in the case of Olympic history, you can focus on the modern period but try to find some ancient parallels / comparisons. You can write in the first person, express personal opinions—there really are no guidelines in that respect.

You can use any sources you want, in whatever medium. You should of course cite what sources you use, but the way that you cite those sources (in text, footnote, endnotes) is totally up to you.  A bibliography is not required if you have already cited your sources, but if you want to add one, that’s fine too.

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