Effective Listening Dialogue Example

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Wood, J. T. (2016). Interpersonal communication: Everyday encounters (8th ed.). Boston,

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  • Think about the various issues that impact effective listening. With this in mind, determine a conversational context around which you will develop a demonstration of listening skills. Consider the various obstacles to effective listening as you imagine a conversation between two listeners.

The assignment:

  • Write a 2- to 3-page conversational dialogue between two characters that demonstrates listening skills. Your dialogue must:
    • Demonstrate at least one of the six steps in the listening process (pp. 163–168) .” [Step
      of Listening
      : Responding, p.

    • Demonstrate at least one obstacle to mindful listening (pp. 168–173)- [Obstacle to Listening: Prejudgment, pp. 170–171] or [ Message overload: p.168]

    • Demonstrate at least one form of nonlistening (pp. 173–177)[Form
      of nonlistening Pseudolistening p.173]

    • Demonstrate at least two forms of adapting listening skills (pp. 177–181)- Adapt
      Listening Appropriately
      p. 182; Adapting Listening Skills: Control Obstacles, p. 178]. Minimal
      , p. 180].understood
      [Adapting Listening Skills: Paraphrasing, p. 180; Adapting Listening Skills: Ask Questions, p. 178].Adapting
      Listening Skills
      : Use Aids to Recall, p. 178]. use two of these

    • Demonstrate at least one guideline for effective listening (pp. 182–183)- [Ways to foster better listening: Be Mindful, p. 182].

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