Elements of a Marketing Plan, interview mkt 421 help

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 Please note that the company you select for this assignment, will be used for your individual assignments in week 3 and 4.

Interview a store manager, owner or marketing manager of a local business. This can either be an in-person interview or via phone. 

Identify and describe the target customer.

Explore the elements of the four P’s applying to this company.

Promotion: Identify the type of advertising approach that is used. Is a targeted or mass marketing approach used?  Why is one used over the other? Describe the promotions used. Do you believe the promotional methods are effective? Why?

Place: Where is the business located? Is this a single location or part of a chain? Does this organization have an online presence?  How is online used, informational only for research, to sell products or services, or is it an expanded assortment of what is currently offered in the store?
Price: What is the pricing strategy? How does the company ensure it is competitive with other companies? Is there a need to meet or beat competitors pricing?
Product: Describe the product or service that the company sells. Does the product or service differentiate itself from the competition? How does the product or service meet the needs of the target customer?
Do you believe the marketing mix for this company is balanced or needs adjustment? Why?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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