Eng 112. Goals: Narrative easy. I want to be a registered nurse in the near future.

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Assignment: Goals: Narrative Essay

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Prompt: Explore a goal you aspire to accomplish.

Major Focuses: selecting/refining topics; developing, organizing and supporting ideas; considering context, audience and purpose

Requirements for your narrative

Your paper will be at least 800 words in length when typed. It must be formatted in a 12-point font and double spaced. Set your margins to 1” on all sides. You may choose any point of view you would like to write in but remember that this should be a personal narrative so the story focuses on one character’s quest to achieve a goal.

Critical elements: Good literary narratives share certain elements that make them interesting and compelling for readers.

Consider the (modified) narrative arc:


Hook – spark interest for your reader with the first sentence with an attention getting opener.

Setting – give the reader context into your story – how did you arrive at this goal? Where might the events happen?

Key people – who is involved? Will/do certain people have profound impact?

Rising action – refine for your reader the central issue/topic

What complications impede your progress? What steps will you take?

Provide action, movement, or change that creates a clear plan to achieve the goal

Climax – the point of no return

What is the penultimate event/experience that will occur once the goal is achieved? Note: it’s probably not the last step, but it critically affected you.

Details are important for this turning point/affirmation moment

Significance (Resolution)

Why was this event (or these anecdotes) important to you?

What final thought might readers be left with?

You may want to refer to, or clarify, the opening anecdote

Consider the rhetorical situation:

Purpose: Why are you telling this story?

Audience: Classmates, instructor, others?

Stance: this is your tone – what attitude do you have towards the objective?

Media/Design: MLA format, printed – for this exercise, without charts/images

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