ENGL-3302-English 030-2-O55-2023 SprAssignment: Poem AnalysisTo do:Receive a gradeInstructions Read the poem “Marshlands” by E. Pauline Johnson. The poem is provided below. A PDF version for printing,

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ENGL-3302-English 030-2-O55-2023 SprAssignment: Poem AnalysisTo do:Receive a gradeInstructions

  1. Read the poem “Marshlands” by E. Pauline Johnson.The poem is provided below. A PDF version for printing, if needed, is attached,
  2. Completely annotate the poem based on the steps from the Workshops: Poem Analysis: AnnotationA SLAM Marshlands file is provided below should you wish to annotate on your computer. A PDF version is available for you to print the poem should you wish to annotate on paper.
  3. Then, write a 3 paragraph literary analysis of the poem based on the steps from the Workshops: Poem Analysis: Literary Analysis
  4. Submit both the annotation and the literary analysis for this assignment. They can be all in one document, or two separate documents.Note that if you did your annotation on paper, you will need to scan your page (at an appropriate resolution) to submit as a file.


  • Read the poem before annotating
  • You may find it helpful to colour coordinate each step. It will help to keep you ideas organized
  • Take your time with the poem to make sure that you have a strong understanding
  • Make sure you look up any complex, interesting, or unknown words in the dictionary
  • Follow the structure of a literary analysis provided in Workshop: Literary Analysis
  • Make sure to submit both parts of the assignment
  • Have a close look at rubric so you aware of how you will be graded on this assignment

Emily Pauline Johnson (a.k.a. Tekahionwake, “double wampum”) poet, writer, artist, performer (born 10 March 1861 on the Six Nations Reserve, Canada West; died 7 March 1913 in Vancouver, BC). Pauline Johnson was one of North America’s most notable entertainers of the late 19th century. A mixed-race woman of Mohawk and European descent, she was a gifted writer and poised orator. She toured extensively, captivating audiences with her flair for the dramatic arts. Johnson made important contributions to Indigenous and Canadian oral and written culture.

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A thin wet sky, that yellows at the rim,And meets with sun-lost lip the marsh’s brim.The pools low lying, dank with moss and mould,Glint through their mildews like large cups of gold.Among the wild rice in the still lagoon,In monotone the lizard shrills his tune.The wild goose, homing, seeks a sheltering,Where rushes grow, and oozing lichens cling.Late cranes with heavy wing, and lazy flight,Sail up the silence with the nearing night.And like a spirit, swathed in some soft veil,Steals twilight and its shadows o’er the swale.Hushed lie the sedges, and the vapours creep,Thick, grey and humid, while the marshes sleep.

E. Pauline Johnson

Listening Comprehension

The following is a reading of the poem. After reading the poem yourself, you may choose to listen to the poem to further understand the poem’s meaning and affect.


Your literary analysis will be graded using the following rubric below. The fully detailed rubric is attached.

Poem Analysis

SLAM Annotation


Literary Analysis: Thought and Understanding


Literary Analysis: Presentation






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