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respond to the following 100 words each

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  • The important issues I think is important is respect in races and position. Because we all know that military is compose of different people, nationality and races. We may have one reason to why we are here. And that is to serve and give honor to our family and to our country. in-spite of our differences, I notice while doing my class in ethics realize that this is the most important issues that need to resolve among our self and in our field. Because we are compose of different ways, such as different from leadership style. We are also different when it comes to our stands in life and believes. That is why most of the time we tend to forget the word respect when it comes in our differences. That end up taking advantage of our position in order to perform what is needed of us. As six years in service, I observed that in every deployment I had I encounter different type of people and they have same stories. Instead of being united and showing more appreciation and respect towards your co soldiers. They tend to be every man for himself. In my personal point of view this is one of the issues of the military. For us to have a unity and lessen the stress that cause from away from family and physical hardship from our training. The most interesting that everyone must develop is “respect towards one another” this will benefit all and bring harmony and unity in all the service personnel.


  • For decades the military built and implemented multiple drones to support diverse requirements in support of situational understanding, information collection and support targeting. The issue facing the force is a lack of enough of these systems that are organic to units on the ground. To acquire these systems is there is a significant cost to research, develop and field them that can span over a decade. They require a significant amount of maintenance and funding to build and implement. Lack of drone platforms at the tactical level limits collection capability and our ability to reporting timely and accurate. Since there is a limit to these assets at tactical levels, units rely on requesting assets. The most common practice for maneuver units is to use unstructured data reports to provide a situational understanding of the enemy. A recent solution is to utilize commercial drones that provide additional capability. These sUAS or drones are relatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced. However, acquiring these commercial drones requires operational needs statements that require time and approval before they reach the battlespace.

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