Entering A Conversation

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For Essay #2, we have read The Hobbit and three secondary texts about The Hobbit. Your goal with this assignment is to identify a specific opportunity for conversation in the set of texts and develop an original and arguable claim (likely in response to a question emerging from your sense of the opportunity for conversation). Remember that an opportunity for conversation can be a gap, tension, contradiction, ambiguity, or difficulty in the texts or the subject of the text. While the opportunity for conversation in your first paper was necessarily located within Beowulf, you can tackle a slightly broader issue for this project; your evidence is limited to The Hobbit, “The Hope of The Hobbit: Tolkien’s Rejection and Criticism of Modernism” by Marilee Clement here is the link https://hilo.hawaii.edu/campuscenter/hohonu/volume… and The Problem of Greed in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit” by Chris Larimore .

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Purpose: The purpose of entering a conversation in essay form is to make a claim about something you’ve observed about an already established conversation. In other words, you should look at the ideas expressed in the secondary texts we read (listed above) as the already established conversations about The Hobbit and select one conversation you would like to contribute to with your own claim. You will need to utilize evidence from the primary text itself to help you support your argument about the gap, tension, contradiction, ambiguity, or difficulty that you’ve identified in the conversation started by the secondary texts. You should see this as an opportunity for you to become a member of the community of authors writing about these texts. Since you are not starting your own conversation about The Hobbit but are, rather, entering a conversation already established, you must acknowledge the ideas that define the conversation you’ve chosen before you can make your claim known.

this shoud be a 4 page paper

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