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Developing quality learning environments is an important consideration for any early childhood educator or caregiver. In order to effectively prepare an environment for infants and toddlers, it is important to understand how theory and application come together. As Bullard (2014) states, “examining the theorists and approaches assists us in understanding the historical and philosophical foundations for designing learning environments” (p. 10).

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For this discussion post, you will describe how one of the following approaches best supports a quality learning environment. Choose one of the following approaches that interest you the most:

  1. Montessori
  2. Waldorf
  3. Vygotsky
  4. Reggio Emilia

Develop a cohesive and research-based argument in favor of the approach that interests you. Be sure to include the principles that guide your assigned approach with specific focus on learning environments, as well as how this approach compares to one of the others listed.

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