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Part 1:

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Analyze your own previously written synthesis essay by reviewing the prompt and completing the chart below. Respond to each question in complete sentences.

Review the prompt from question one from the 2011 AP Language and Composition Exam.

What is the prompt asking you to do?

Did you address all parts of the prompt?

Did you stray from the topic?

Is prompt dissection a strength or weakness for you?

How could you improve this skill?

Read and evaluate your previously written essay response.

Criteria Your Evaluation Evidence from Your Essay

Use What You Have Learned In Order to Grow


Is the claim clear? Does your claim take a stance that shows evidence of simple or complex thinking?

Copy your claim here:

Write an updated, improved claim here:


Is your essay organized around key points, sources, or some other method?

Copy one or two examples showing your organization, or map out the organization of your essay here:

What are the strong points of your organizational methods? How can you improve your organization?

Use of Sources

Did you use multiple sources to support each point? Did you vary the use of embedded quotes and paraphrased information?

Copy one or two examples showing your use of sources here:

How can you improve your use of sources? What should you do more of? What should you do less of?


Did you explain the significance of evidence and offer personal insight, or did you focus on summarizing?

Copy two examples of your commentary here:

How can you improve your commentary? What should you do more of? What should you do less of?

Part 2

Use the chart from Part 1, the rubric for question one from the 2011 AP English Language and Composition Exam, and the questions below to reflect on your response and your evaluation:

Write a “Scoring Commentary” paragraph like the ones featured in the lesson. Assign a score to your previously written essay and offer insightful commentary and evidence from the essay and from the rubric to support your score.

Reflect on the student samples from the lesson. What struck you as especially effective? What specific elements would you like to emulate from these sample responses?

Make a “To Do” list for your next essay. Complete the following sentences with the specific technique or trait you will strive to implement in your next response:

For my claim, I will

To enhance the organization of my response, I will

To improve the way that I use the sources, I will

To improve my commentary, I will

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