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Backer Exploriment #2

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  • 1-Food (eat)
  • 2-Shit (poop)
  • 3-Kill (animal, plant, mineral)

Instructions: (pay attention to your mind)

Each part one paragraph

Part 1: When you set down to eat “stop” and observe what is on your plate for 3 minutes (with beginners’ mind). No forks/ knife/ spoon” eat with your hand.

Notice the type/ texture of the food, where you put it in your mouth. Follow the food and notice every single detail. (for extra credit, cook your own food)

Part 2: observe your shit (poop) for 3 minutes with “beginners’ mind” pay attention to as Part 1 ( for extra credit, do not use technology at all)

Part 3: Find animal and experience it aliveness for 5 minutes. Then, contemplate killing it and eating it.

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