Final Paper on Death Penalty

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Hello, Here is the professors feed back on the rough draft.

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Thank you for sharing your passion about the death penalty with me,Latisha, but, as much as I appreciate your point of view, this needs a major revision. In the rough draft stage you get all 80 points just for trying. If you did not make any changes you would not get a passing grade on the final form. We need a balanced and objective paper based on solid research rather than your strong opinions on the topic. You did not mention a single landmark court case. Those should actually form the basis of your paper.You skipped right over three required elements that comprise 60% of the grade. All topic proposals got my review and only gained approval if the student promised me objective research. You have not kept your promise to me in this draft. I want for you to have success in class, to have,at the very least, a realistic chance at success. In order to achieve that I will need for you to follow the directions of the assignment. You have just over a week to revise this. Please make good use of your time and do so.Death Penalty Cases and Citations.docx I am attaching my own personal collection of death penalty landmark cases to get you started.

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