Findings of the Opioid Task Force Department of Public Health

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1. Does this task force effectively address the problem of co-occurring

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disorders? Support your stance either way. What are the elements that

are either present or missing that make this an effective or ineffective


2. Do you feel that funds are being appropriated to right places? Why or

why not?

3. Take a look at the file titled “Opioid Overdoses by Towns.” You can either

access it above or in the module. Select any town on the list that is of

interest to you and familiar to you. It might the town you live in, grew up

in, or work in, etc. Compare the rates of that town to the rates of others.

A. What town did you select? Why did you select that town?

B. How do the rates of the town you selected compare to the rates of

other towns of similar size?

C. Based on what you know about the town you selected, what

explanations do you have for the rates? In other words, why do you

think the rates are high, low, or average?

D. Were you surprised at all by findings? Why or why not?

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