Focused Therapy

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Solution-focused therapy is an intervention that emphasizes finding solutions to client problems rather than focusing on the root of the actual problems. One of the major principles of solution-focused therapy includes the assertion that talking about problems with clients is not productive. For example, if a client experiences homelessness, solution-focused therapy might focus on concrete steps to immediately secure housing rather than focusing on understanding the root of the client’s problem. Solution-focused therapy is different from other therapies and is sometimes controversial. Some scholars question the validity of the solution-focused therapy due to its narrow focus on solutions. Other scholars note this therapy sometimes is useful for short-term direct practice with clients.

The question of validity and usefulness of solution-focused therapy is important to social work. Weighing this question may provide you with insight about the effectiveness of solution-focused therapy as an intervention in social work theory and practice.

With these thoughts in mind:

Discuss your position on whether or not you think solution-focused therapy is a valid method of treatment in social work. Then, explain whether or not you think solution-focused therapy is useful, regardless of its validity and why. Must have references

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