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Exhale: World’s First Living Bionic Chandelier

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1. Abstract:

In abstract, we establish the context and relevance of the paper, motivate the problem (why we need Exhale), briefly describe the Exhale, present the what’s the benefits of Exhale, and show some future applications of Exhale. Ideally, use one (short) sentence for each of the previously mentioned content items in order to keep the abstract short. Overall, this should be a short summary of the whole content of the paper. The reader should understand the core of the paper in just a few sentences.

2. Introduction:

This section provides background information necessary for understanding Exhale and other Bionic furniture, and why they are useful to environment protection.

3. State of the art:

Discuss some similar existing works/products and compare them with Bionic furnitures.

4. Exhale and other selected works

Demonstrates the Exhale and other products from Julian Melchiorri ( Showing the characteristics of these products and how they can be exploited for various scenarios and how they protect the environment.

5. Environment and Bionic Furnitures

Connect environmental protection and science with Bionic Furnitures, and discuss it at high-level. For instance, how these bionic furnitures can be further designed and developed for achieving a better natural environment.

6. Conclusion

Wrap up the paper and highlight the most important take-away messages.





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