For the Week 2 Microsoft Excel Module 2 Lab Assignment, you will develop an annual premium report for Lindsey’s Insurance Company. HINT: The finished Lab Assignment should include 2 worksheets. Probl

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For the Week 2 Microsoft Excel Module 2 Lab Assignment, you will develop an annual premium report for Lindsey’s Insurance Company.  HINT: The finished Lab Assignment should include 2 worksheets.

Problem: You are an administrative assistant at Lindsey’s Insurance Company, a Greenville, South Carolina based insurance company. You have been asked to generate a report that summarizes the existing balances on annual premiums. You will need to include three columns of customer data in the report, plus two additional columns to compute a monthly fee and a current balance for each customer. Assume no negative unpaid monthly balances.

Perform the following tasks:

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  1. Open Excel and create a new workbook. Create a worksheet (should be the first worksheet of the workbook) with your name in cell A1, date in cell A2, course in cell A3, instructor name in cell A4, and assignment name in cell A5. Name this worksheet “Module 2 Lab Assignment Info”.
  2. Create a worksheet. Name the worksheet “Loan Balance”, and change the worksheet tab color to a shade of orange. Enter and format the worksheet title Lindsey’s Insurance Company in cell A1 and worksheet subtitle Premium Analysis in cell A2. Change the theme of the worksheet to the Berlin theme. Apply the Title cell style to cells A1 and A2. Change the font size in cell A1 to 26 points, and change the font size in cell A2 to 18 points. Merge and center the worksheet title and subtitle across columns A through E. Draw a thick outside border around the range A1:E2.
  3. Change the width of column A to 20.00 points. Change the widths of columns B through E to 14.00 points. Change the heights of row 3 to 36.00 points and row 14 to 25.50 points.
  4. Enter the following column titles (Customer, Previous Balance, Payments, Installment Fee, Current Balance) in the range A3:E3. Center the column titles you entered and apply the Heading 4 cell style to the range A3:E3.
  5. Enter the following row titles (Total, Average, Lowest, Highest) in the range A13:A16. Apply the Total cell style to the range A13:E13. Bold the row titles in the range A13:A16 and change the font size of the entered row titles to 12 points.
  6. Enter the data shown below in the range A4:C12. (see link)
  7. Use the following formulas to determine the “Installment Fee” in column D and the “Current Balance” in column E for the first customer. Copy the two formulas down through the remaining customers.  HINT: No static numbers should be used unless listed!
  8. Determine the totals in row 13 using the SUM function in your formula.
  9. Determine the average, minimum, and maximum values in cells B14:B16 for the range B4:B12, and then copy the range B14:B16 to E14:E16.
  10. Format the numbers as follows:

    • Assign the currency style with a floating dollar sign to the cells containing numeric data in the ranges B4:E4 and B13:E16
    • Assign a number style with two decimal places and a thousand’s separator (currency with no dollar sign) to the range B5:E12.
  11. Use conditional formatting to change the formatting to white font on a blue background in any cell in the range D4:D12 that contains a value greater than 15.
  12. Add a worksheet header with your name and center align it.
  13. Change A12, “Benes, Elaine” to your “Last name, First name” and change the background color fill to red.
  14. Use the spelling checker to check the spelling in the worksheet.  HINT: Ignore customer names!
  15. Change the “Loan Balance” worksheet orientation to landscape orientation and fit to one page.
  16. Update the author (use your name) and title (use ‘Student’) in the document properties.

Upload your assignment as a Microsoft Excel workbook using the following naming protocol: LastnameFirstnameExcelLab2.xlsx

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